1) What is El Camino de Costa Rica? 

It is a trail composed mainly of rural roads but has several parts with options to take forrest trails. For example, El Sukia which goes from Santa Maria de Dota to Londres de Puntarenas is a mountain trail. Also the part through the Cabecar indigenous people's lands is a trail.

2) How can I walk El Camino de Costa Rica? 

One should contact one of the guide agencies to establish a date and make reservations through them. You can arrange for yourself, a few friends or a large group.

3) Can I do El Camino de Costa Rica by myself? 

No, we do not recommend that you do El Camino de Costa Rica alone without a guide.

4) Are there emergency services on El Camino de Costa Rica? 

The guides and agencies all have a way of contacting emergency services.  For that reason we recommend that you engage one of them to walk with you and your group.

5) Are there 4 or 5 star hotel on El Camino?

Only in two places are there nearby hotels of 4 stars. Usually you will find lodges of 2 stars o houses where families will let you sleep in your sleeping bag under a roof. The guides and agencies may be able to provide options away from the route that are more comfortable and then the next day return you to the trail so you can complete your walk.


​6) How difficult is El Camino de Costa Rica?

El Camino has two days that are considered for advances walkers and three days that are considered for intermediate walkers. The rest of the experience, if you can walk 15 kilometers can be done by everyone. It is necessary that you have proper equipment, shoes, walking poles, hat and ability to carry 3 liters of water. Proper attire for walking in rainy conditions is recommended.


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