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Vialig Journeys
Feb 15, 2022
In Questions & Answers
El Camino de Costa Rica is more than a hike, it is 280km of the possibility of going deep inside from our Caribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast, through forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, creeks, indigenous lands, crops, pastures, and beautiful rural landscapes. El Camino is the best way of learning about culture, agriculture, flora, fauna, spanish, traditional meals, music and more in Costa Rica. ViaLig Journeys ( (506) 88 17 53 30 have designed several experiences crossing from Coast to Coast. If you are interested in doing a trip of hiking where you will be in the SOUL of our Costa Rica we have what you need doing it in 14 days of hiking or more. In the other hand, if you want to challenge your physical and mental skills, we have our Chanllenging Experience doing El Camino in 10 days of hiking. Do not hesitate to ask for information. PURA VIDA
Vialig Journeys

Vialig Journeys

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