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Emma Irwin
Jan 13, 2022
In Questions & Answers
My husband and I are avid long distance hikers and would love to hike the Camino de Costa Rica. As teachers, our main holidays fall mid December-mid January (3 weeks) and during the summer time (late June-early/mid August (6-7 weeks). However, we would like to hike this trail when the weather is most advantageous for us so are flexible to wait and complete the trip at a later date. Which time of year (months) are optimal? Having hiked the length of South Korea (nearly 800km) this summer is 40+C weather made for some early mornings on the trail and long afternoons napping and swimming. However, we would rather not feel as though we are 'racing the sun' and isntead enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica as we complete this 15 day trek. Emma
Emma Irwin

Emma Irwin

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