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We want this road to celebrate the natural beauty of Costa Rica and highlight the history of our people. We hope that every walker wants to visit it once in their life, and that it becomes as well known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or the Inca Trail. We are convinced that a path with the challenge of crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 15 days will have great appeal to international and national tourists. In addition, we wish to help the development of towns who do not enjoy international tourism, attracting income and encouraging the development of small businesses that would provide services to walkers. In the last 3 years Mar a Mar Association has contacted professionals, students, walkers, and committed guides, to be able to establish the route and organize the basic services, however, we need to have a stronger organization and we want to ask you for your collaboration:


You will help promote the trail.


You will help connect a local entrepreneur
to the marketing platform of El Camino de Costa Rica. 


You will help in capacity building for villages
in the area of tourist services. 


You will help improve and do the signage
for 1 kilometer of El Camino de Costa Rica.

Accounts where you can make your contribution:

BAC San José

Asociación Mar a Mar: Costa Rica

Cédula Jurídica: 3 -002-718717

Account in colones - 928484088
Customer Account - 10200009284840884

IBAN CR23010200009284840884
Account in dollars - 9284840967
Customer Account - 10200009284840967

IBAN CR13010200009284840967



If you want to get involved with Mar a Mar you can contact us:

Gabriela Saborio


Gabriel Chermacov

Vice President

Pablo Ramírez



Tel: +506 6036 6199

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